May 29, 2010

These are the words for your confusion to me.

One month ends, i managed to suffer greatly for not communicating with you.
I just wanted to say, thanks for the indifference that you gave.
Thank you for introducing God to me.
Because of Him, i remain strong in the indifference.
And i learned from the indifference that you gave, i have a defense mechanism.
And you surely know that.
I wish we can close again.
But you would agree that when we are shattered, we can't feel anything anymore as it used to when we are close to each other.
Now, that friendship sounds like friendshit.
And one more thing that i realized that i didn't mean anything to you.
May you always be happy with pride and the things you always be proud of in your life.
Because what i know, you're the only human who can live alone with the ability that you have.
I'm so happy with it all.

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